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Learn more about our collection of policy, media and self-care resources for professionals and organisations working within the suicide prevention and mental health sectors, or other related community services.

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Policy and strategy

Interested in the current policies and strategies in place for the suicide prevention and mental health sectors?

Read an overview of the national and state government policies and strategies guiding Australia’s approach to suicide prevention and mental health.


Self-care is different for everyone. There is no specific time frame or frequency, for it to occur, it’s about looking out for your own mental and physical well-being.

Take advantage of the downloadable resources and self-care guides and share with colleagues, peers or family and friends.

Media and Public Speaking

Working with media or putting out communications?

Knowing how to safely convey messages and representation of suicide or mental health can be extremely complex.

Read and download our resources on accurately and sensitively portraying suicide and mental health in the Australian mass media.