Media and public speaking about suicide

Life in Mind supports safe communications about suicide and mental ill-health. It is important that media reporting, portrayals and communication, focus on safe and responsible coverage to minimise harm to vulnerable audiences.


The initiative involves building a collaborative relationship with the media and other sectors that influence the media (such as key sources for news stories).

Media and public speaking for consumers and carers

  • This guide contains practical information for consumers and carers to support their work with the media. It provides some advice on the best way to share personal stories, whether this is in a media interview or a public speaking opportunity.

A guide for speaking publicly about suicide

  • This guide aims to provide some practical tips on safe ways to discuss this challenging area, to ensure any risks are managed whilst increasing the community understanding of suicide. It is important to talk about suicide.


  • Reporting on suicide and mental illness can have a profound effect on journalists. This includes reporting on and interviewing people impacted by suicide such as the bereaved. These effects can range from temporary discomfort to more long-term distress. This resource can assist journalists to incorporate self-care into their professional practices to maintain their wellbeing.