Northern Territory

The Northern Territory Suicide Prevention 2015-2018 Strategic Action Plan was developed in reference to the national LIFE Framework.

This strategic action plan has also been influenced by Gone Too Soon: A Report into Youth Suicide in the Northern Territory and the Suicide of Children and Youth in the NT, 2006–2010 reports, where many of the recommendations are being implemented and have provided context to the action plan.

While the actions in the strategic action plan target the general population, almost one third of the actions specifically target Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities. 

The actions within the Northern Territory Suicide Prevention 2015-2018 Strategic Action Plan  reflect the stated outcome areas from the 

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicide prevention strategy.

Awareness, prevention, intervention and postvention are covered within the six action areas of the plan:

  1. provision of targeted suicide prevention activities in the NT
  2. building strength and resilience in individuals and families at risk in the NT
  3. improving wellbeing and resilience of communities across the NT
  4. coordinating approaches to suicide prevention in the NT
  5. improving the evidence base and disseminating information
  6. implementing high standards and quality in suicide prevention.

The Northern Territory Aboriginal health plan 2015-2018 

The Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Plan 2015-2018 sets out the strategic directions that will guide actions to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal Territorians. It covers the approach to achieving improvements in Aboriginal health and wellbeing, the strategies to be implemented, and tracking progress.