Let's Talk Newcastle

is a collaborative suicide prevention campaign from Everymind, LifeSpan and The Herald who are working together to empower the local community to speak openly and safely about suicide.

Everymind, LifeSpan Newcastle and The Herald are working together to empower the local community to speak openly and safely about suicide via a series of stories called Let's Talk Newcastle

As part of our goal, we have brought you to Life in Mind, a national digital gateway providing access to tools such as current information, programs, services, resources and research within suicide prevention.

This gateway taps into resources developed by the national #YouCanTalk campaign which are designed to provide individuals and communities with the confidence to start a safe conversation about suicide.

Launched in July this year, #YouCanTalk is a joint national suicide prevention campaign connecting people to the tools that can support them.

Below is a list of useful #YouCanTalk resources to suit your needs as an individual or organisation wanting to find out more about how to talk about suicide in your local community.

Click on the heading links below to find resources and tools to help guide you in starting your Let's Talk Newcastle conversation:

Community members and groups play a huge role in understanding the behaviours of local people and how to enact support when it’s needed.

Life in Mind, through the Lets Talk Newcastle campaign, connects community members with the right resources and services to support people having difficult conversations, bereaved by suicide and providing crisis support services.

If you work in an organisation or business, it’s important you can recognise the warning signs of your colleagues. Knowing these signs, starting a safe conversation and directing to support services or resources empowers you to act as early as possible.

As a member of the sector, it’s ok to ask, share and talk about your experiences in suicide prevention.

Suicide prevention is part of everyday life and the more organisations involved and collaborating on crisis support services, stimulating programs and developing resources, the stronger the suicide prevention network becomes.

Getting current information at your own pace is our aim. Life in Mind gives all members of the community access to suicide prevention resources, services, programs or data, giving you the freedom to choose when and where you read.