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beyondblue online forums

Online forums providing space to ask questions, share experiences and support with other users.

beyondblue Support Services

A website with information linking to one-on-one confidential support services (via phone, online chat and email) with a trained mental health professional who provides information and advice and points participants in the right direction for further support.

Talking about suicide - Preventing youth suicide video

A video which includes six young people telling parents about what to look out for and what to say if they are concerned about a young person.

BeyondNow – Your suicide safety planning app

The BeyondNow suicide safety planning app allows people to create a structured plan (ideally with the support form a health professional or someone whom is trusted), that participants can used when experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings, distress or crisis.

BeyondNow videos

A series of videos about the BeyondNow- Your suicide safety planning app. 


blueVoices is a beyondblue reference group for people who have personal experience of anxiety, depression or suicide, or support someone who does. blueVoices is open to anyone over the age of 16 in Australia with this experience.

Finding our way back

A resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples after a suicide attempt. 

Finding your way back

Getting your life back on track after attempting suicide is not easy. It takes time to recover physically and emotionally. The information below should not be taken as medical advice but a starting point for working through some of the questions that can come up after a suicide attempt. It also offers ideas about what may assist you in regaining a sense of control. 

Guiding their way back

Having someone you care about attempt suicide can be an incredibly traumatic experience. You might respond with anger, fear or sadness. You might also find yourself asking questions; many of them beginning with 'why'. It is natural to have many different feelings, thoughts and concerns and to not know what to do or say. This resource is a starting point for working through some of the questions that can come up after a suicide attempt. 

Having a conversation with someone you are worried about

Heads up: Better mental health in the workplace

The Heads Up website contains information and resources for better mental health and suicide prevention in the workplace.

Suicide Prevention Research and Campaign

National research with the aim of understanding what advice can be given to the public to increase the likelihood that they will ask about and support someone who may be at risk of suicide to stay safe and get the help they need. The research provides vital new information about public perceptions of suicide and their ability or willingness to respond to suicide risk. The unique findings and key recommendations provide a clear indication of what is useful, what is not and address some common myths that still exist around suicide prevention. The evidence generated by the research will inform future public communication and policy development across the sector to reduce suicide.

Suicide Prevention videos

beyondblue developed a series of Suicide Prevention videos as information for people who have lost someone to suicide, those worried about a friend or family member, or anyone who may be feeling suicidal.

Suicide prevention: Knowing the signs

Suicide prevention fact sheet for young people 

Supporting someone at risk of suicide: Heads Up fact sheet

This is a fact sheet by Heads Up which outlines how to support someone at risk of suicide.

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