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iBobbly App

Suicide rates in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are amongst the highest in the world. Despite increased funding and implementation of new prevention programs, very few indigenous people will seek help before acting on suicidal thoughts.

iBobbly is a trial of the world’s first suicide prevention app designed especially for use by Indigenous people on mobile phones or tablet devices.

Called iBobbly (a name derived from a Kimberley greeting), the app delivers treatment-based therapy in a culturally relevant way.

Kids Helpline Insights Report - Key insights of suicide related contacts

Provides a summary of the characteristics of the suicide-related contacts to Kids Helpline in 2017.

Lessons for Life- The experiences of people who attempt suicide: A qualitative research report

The Lessons for Life research report examines the experiences of people who attempt suicide and what helps or hinders their recovery.

Conducted by SANE Australia and the University of New England, this research explores first-person experiences of attempted suicide and what we can learn from survivors to save lives now and in the future.

A key recommendation stemming from the Lessons for Life report was the need to reduce the stigma associated with suicide and improve people’s access to treatments.

Lessons for Life: video

The Lessons for Life video is a ten-minute clip showing the experiences of five people who have attempted suicide. It aims to break down negative stereotypes about people who attempt suicide and shows that there is hope for those affected.


A video explaining the role of LifeSpan in suicide prevention

Lived Experience Framework (LifeSpan)

The Black Dog Institute’s Lived Experience Framework was developed to outline recommendations for effectively engaging people with lived experience of suicidality, bereavement by suicide and mental illness. It was also created with reviews from their families, support people and carers of those with lived experiences. Key insights from the Framework inform Black Dog’s implementation of the LifeSpan systems approach to suicide prevention. 

Mental Health Continuum resource

Mindframe - Self care for Media Reporting on Suicide and Mental illness

It is increasingly recognised, within Australia and internationally, that reporting on suicide and mental illness can have a profound effect on journalists. This includes reporting on and interviewing people impacted by suicide such as the bereaved.

NALAG Brochure

This is a brochure for NALAG Centre for Loss & Grief outlining the services that NALAG provides.