The SANE Suicide Prevention and Mental Illness workshop

The workshop aims to improve how mental health workers (MHWs) support people at risk of suicide through prevention, intervention and postvention. The workshop introduces a holistic, person-centred response encouraging MHWs to:

• view suicide within a recovery framework
• build knowledge & confidence
• improve attitudes towards working with people at risk of suicide & bereaved by suicide
• understand the strengths & limitations of risk assessment
• discuss the role of language & media portrayals of suicide
• value the importance of psycho-education, resilience & learning from crises
• reflect on the impact of suicide support work on MHWs’ self-care needs.

The workshop runs for 6.5 hours. 

Program by

SANE Australia

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(03) 9682 5933

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SANE Australia
PO Box 226
South Melbourne , VIC 3205

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