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Reportable Death

All Australian and New Zealand coronial jurisdictions have a statutory obligation to investigate certain kinds of deaths as defined by their respective Coroners Act. The Coronial Act governing each state and territory defines what constitutes a ‘reportable death’ to determine which deaths must be investigated by a Coroner. In essence, a Coroner has a responsibility to determine what has happened in accidental, unexpected or unexplained deaths. This includes cases of suicide. The Coroners role includes determining the medical cause of the person’s death and the circumstances in which this occurred. The Coroner is aided by investigations by police, medical specialists and other experts. Where appropriate a Coroner will make recommendations in an effort to increase community safety and prevent similar fatalities in the future.

Data contained in NCIS is collected as part of an investigative process and not a data collection process. Therefore, the information contained in the NCIS reflects the level of detail obtained through the investigation and the comprehensiveness of data collection can vary.

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